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BEST of Trail - The Highlights: Sections of the trail of the most scenic
areas from trailhead to summit on a sixty minute DVD.

ENTIRE Trail - In RealTime: Trail #680 from the Hotel Mittagskogel
(south of Villach in the province of Carinthia), to the 7031' (2143m)
summit of Mittagskogel. The entire 7.5 mile (12km) trail was captured on video
while hiking the trail at an average speed of 2 mph (3.2 km/h).
5 DVDs including the Best of Mittagskogel.
Step-By-Step Video-Hike of the 7.5 Mile Mittagskogel Trail in the Austrian Alps
Final 6 minutes at the summit.
Best of Mittagskogel Trail (up)
1 DVD  /  60 minutes
* Entire Trail in Real-Time.
* Most
Detailed & Real.
* Best for a Virtual Hike.
* Visual Trailguide.
* Motivational Exercise Video.
* Mileage, Time & Elevations.
* Included: Best of... DVD
* Highlights in Real-Time.
* The Most Scenic Areas.
* Visual Trailguide.
* Mileage and Elevations.
* 1 DVD, 60 minutes.
* Entire Trail from Trailhead to the
...Top of Mittagskogel in Real-Time.

* Also in a 1-hour Highlighted Version.

** Virtual Sightseeing
in the Austrian Alps.

** Visual Trailguide for Trip Planning
.....with On-Screen Mileage, Elevation
.....and Timing.

** Reliving Your Own
European Alps Mountaineering.

** Scenic and Motivational Workout
.....Video while Exercising.

** Easy Listening Music
for Meditation and Relaxation.

*  Trail Map included.
ENTIRE + Best of Mittagskogel Trail (up)
4+1 DVD  /  3 hrs. 46 min. + 1 hr.
La Madre Knights Team
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Rendre sa grandeur à l'Europe

Comment l'Union pourrait répondre à l'administration Trump. Par Joachim Fels, Managing Director et conseiller économique international au bureau de
Newport Beach, PIMCO
Il est difficile de comprendre pourquoi la promesse de campagne de Donald Trump,
« Make America Great Again » (Rendre sa grandeur à l'Amérique),...


How the Union could respond to the Trump administration. By Joachim Fels, Managing Director and International Economic Advisor, Newport Beach
Office, PIMCO
It is hard to understand why Donald Trump's campaign promise, "Make America Great Again", has found so much echo. It is true that the terrorist threat,
rising inequality and destructive digitization of jobs have been a cause of concern for some time. However, a majority of indicators reveal that the US
economy is doing very well, and certainly better than Europe.
If the median real income of US households remains below the peak of the late 1990s, it has risen sharply over the past four years and will soon reach
new highs. The Americans continue to live in the biggest houses, drive the most beautiful cars and eat the biggest steaks. The standard of living in the
United States, measured by GDP per capita, is one of the highest in the world (except for a few special cases such as Luxembourg, Norway and
Switzerland). 50% to those of Europe and Japan. American technology, music and movies punctuate the days and nights of people all over the world.
The financial industry in the United States has a stronger and more profitable base, the housing and services sectors are the most dynamic and its main
universities are unrivaled. So we are far from a catastrophic scenario.
A lost decade for Europe
If there is a great global economy that must regain its greatness, it is Europe. After signing a correct economic performance between the creation of the
euro and the global financial crisis, Europe stumbled and lost a decade. Economic growth in the European Union has generally stagnated since 2008
and the unemployment rate remains twice as high as in the United States. The euro crisis has led to a balkanisation of the banking sector and a
fragmentation of the financial markets. The evolution towards an "ever closer union" has stopped and separatism and a new nationalism are
progressing. The Brexit seems to be a foretaste of what awaits us rather than a specific isolated event.
Ironically, Donald Trump's promise to privilege America could help Europe regain its greatness.
Threats to Germany
First, although the new US administration seeks to discourage imports into the United States and boost domestic production, European exporters should
still be able to increase their market share in the United States for some time. Indeed, the dollar appreciated and the euro has declined since the
presidential election across the Atlantic, enhancing the competitiveness of European exporters. If the Fed carries out three rate increases, as envisaged
by the FOMC forecasts, and if the European Central Bank continues to increase its balance sheet and tax the banks' surplus reserves, the dollar may
even strengthen further.
Moreover, the strongest confidence of households and companies, as well as rising stock prices, could stimulate US demand for domestic and foreign
products. The shift from demand for foreign products to domestic products may bear fruit, but in the short term, the US manufacturing sector simply
lacks the capacity to close the gap while ensuring quality. The majority of the "Make America Great Again" hats worn by Donald Trump's supporters
during his investiture were made in China or Vietnam and it will take some time and significant price changes for the wealthiest Americans to favor
Chevrolet , Lincoln, Chrysler and Jeep to BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Range Rover.
Second, the prospect of a more protectionist US administration and the pressures of populist movements at the local level are likely to generate political
responses in Europe to foster domestic demand and potential growth. The external threat to Germany's growth model, fueled by exports, is now real,
which will help Chancellor Angela Merkel sweep away her party's opposition to pursue a more expansionary fiscal policy. In addition, if the austerity
discourse against Greece is unlikely to change significantly, greater leniency could be given to the more growth-oriented fiscal policies adopted in other
euro area countries.
Good surprises waiting in Europe
Finally, a more isolationist foreign and defense policy in the United States could give rise to a new common defense initiative within the European Union.
The commitment to a joint defense budget funded by joint programming to counteract real or perceived external threats is much easier to defend than
any other form of fiscal union.
In view of all these factors, optimism towards the United States and the pessimism for Europe currently integrated by the markets, Europe seems to
present the greatest potential for good surprises.
All in all, Donald Trump might well succeed in rendering greatness to an America that already shows it. But it is very likely that in four or eight years
Europeans will be more numerous than Americans to be able to say "Thank you, Mr. President! "
Mt. Charleston
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E L E C T E D !
E L E C T E D !
E L E C T E D !
Before 2017 ends, I want to say thank you, Peter.

We knew this year would be a difficult one. But it was also full of fierce passion and hope -- from the
millions of people who took to the streets on behalf of the values we share to the activists, newcomers
and veterans alike, who lead us to victories in Virginia, Alabama, and across the country. We really
have seen that we are stronger together (sorry, couldn't resist).

My wish for you is that you're able to take a break this holiday season and spend some time with the
people you love. Bill and I will be celebrating the best way we know how: by sharing our favorite
traditions with the youngest members of our family.

2018 will be a big year for this team. I hope you enjoy your holidays -- and come back refreshed and
ready to win. I know I will.


Peter Johann,

From our family to yours, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season this year!

I am so grateful for your support this year -- supporting our efforts in Congress, and helping us make
important victories for the people of San Bernardino County.

I am honored and privileged to continue serving California’s 31st District in the New Year. And Peter
Johann, I can’t wait to get to work fighting for you and the values that you hold dear.

My family and I appreciate your continued generosity and support -- and we wish you and your loved
ones a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!

-- Pete
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
--Theodore Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt on Bright Angel Trail
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